When we say cattle, we mean…

We just love Normande cattle!

Bred to thrive on forage, they produce both milk and meat. The milk is prized by cheese-makers, and the meat is plentiful and beautifully marbled. They are hardy, adaptable, and have great dispositions.

Stop by and meet the herd – then consider subscribing for a share of beef or milk.

How Can We Moooove You?

There’s good eating ahead.
Purchasing options alternative (see also poultry page):

Beef Share

Text explaining a meat share.


Patron discount: $000

Text explaining patron discount.

Can have tagline or subhead like:

Milk Share

Text explaining a milk share.


Patron discount: $000

Small print associated with discount.

Third Item

(or not)

Text about the third buying option.


Patron discount if something or other: $000