Website is LIVE!!!

Hello and welcome to Jhawk Farm’s website and blog #1.

Our pastured chicken business has been growing faster than a broiler chicken eats a June bug so it’s taken me longer to get this website finished than I would have liked. If you follow Jhawk Farm on Social Media you know we have been able to triple the number of birds we can raise to meet the demand. Check out Jhawk Farm on MeWe, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The first blog will deal mostly with how to order on the website. I am looking forward to future issues that share everyday joys of farm life with our animals. Producing healthy, humanely raised birds and animals isn’t always easy and I will share some of the challenges along the way as well as the happy milestones.

Local Customers will be able to pre-order chicken and submit a deposit on the website. If you would rather not order online we would happily accept your cash/check/credit card in person or credit card over the phone. We aren’t set up to ship frozen meat yet. If the demand is there we would consider shipping in the future. High Plains Food Coop members will be able to pre-order through the HPFC website. Because of transport costs & fees HPFC prices will differ from local pickup.

Due to lack of freezer space Jhawk farm will only be selling chicken by pre-order instead of storing product on farm. Pre-ordering lets us have the chicken exactly the way you want it processed or cut up. We will not be offering individual cuts packaged separately like a package of thighs or breast. When you order chicken you get all the parts of the chicken. We have chicken processing dates in September and October and November. For local orders customers can pick up at the farm or could meet in route from McPherson to Smith Center.

Smoked Chickens were very popular last year. We already have quite a few requests for them so we will need your deposit received by Oct 1st for early November delivery. Whole Smoked Chicken is $5.00 a pound, Fresh is $4.00 a pound. See the order page for cut up fees.